Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Hockey Talk

If you don't care about hockey, stop reading now. This is an unabashedly hockey and habs-specific post... I'm not going to bother explaining much. It's only out there if you just can't get enough about the Habs over what has been our long, slow off-season, and because, as a Habistani, I need to vent...

It's going to be a painfully slow summer for Habs fans, who are dying to know who goes, who stays, and whether there will be big changes at forward (will we be able to get rid of Sammy? will Kovy finally be quiet and just play, hopefully better than last season? will we get a #1 or #2 centre to help out our poor Captain K? will Chips, Kosty, and Grabovski move to the big club permanently, or stay on the farm?) at D (we got Markov (YAY!!!) now will the Habs brass go after Souray? Or will they try to pick up a Hannan/Rafalski/Timonen instead? Maybe none of these? Maybe a trade? Can we get Emelin over from Russia? Even if we do, will he be ready?) and at Goalie (this was the only position where we THOUGHT we knew what would happen: Huet the starter, Halak the back up, but then Carey Price had to go all Patrick Roy on us out of Junior and lead the farm team to the Calder Cup title... not that I'm complaining, but this could result in an earlier call up for the kid...)

The most interesting and pressing issue for the Habs is our D (I'm certain that if every other position is not improved, but the D gets an upgrade, we could still be a MUCH better team next year)... and of course, the most interesting question on D is the Souray question: To Souray, or not to Souray? Over at A theory of ice, I found a great article on this very subject. Enjoy, fellow habs-fans!

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Faraz said...

If they can't keep Souray, I'd hope the Habs can go after Timonen. He'd be a great #2 defenseman behind Markov, and reportedly has excellent leadership skills.

They announced the signing of Valentenko today, who was outstanding for Russia in the World Juniors. Hopefully he can replicate that success in North America. Ryan O'Byrne of the Bulldogs will probably get a long look in training camp as well.

I'd like to see Bonk back, but considering that's unlikely it would be great to see Chipchura make the big team. He had a great run for Hamilton, and his leadership skills would be a huge asset to the team. It would be nice to have more Canadians on the team, as they seem to be missing that true desire to win that you see in the Niedermayers and Brind'Amours of the league.