Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tree on the Causeway

I promise I'll write again soon instead of just posting pics, but it's been a very busy week
a) getting back to work
b) getting back into the city and catching up with ppl.

Two quick and random "friend notes": baby shower on Thursday for a friend, should be quite fun, and, drumroll please: HADEEL'S BACK IN OTTAWA! (those who don't already know of her brilliance, check my blogroll and start reading!) Of course, you already know she's back if you read her blog, but I'm SO thrilled. We chatted briefly (and I mean briefly) last night, and I can't wait to sit down and here all about her excellent adventures (seriously, I would watch a movie about Hadeel's life if one existed) straight from the horse's mouth...

Now, off to sleep, but first a pic I took last week in Calabogie of a tree on the causeway in the middle of the lake. Good night all!

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