Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Samwise the Bloated

So you've already heard about Samwise the Bloated and the whole "peas help bloatation" thing here and here.

Well, a few weeks ago, I captured Samwise in action. It seems he's found a solution (involving the water filter) to be able to get to the bottom of his tank despite his bloatation.

Observe, and enjoy:


Anonymous said...

It seems Galadrial's words still hold true: "The ring brought to Gollum unnaturally long life."
Frodo and Sam may have been able to bear the burden of the trip to Mordor (or Muldor as Frodo would call it), but it seems the hajj trip was a little too much for them. Frodo and Samwise the bloated are no more...they have crossed over to the havens now.
But as usual, the creepy Gollum lives on
So enjoy this footage of the world's fatest and craziest goldfish...it is the last you will see of him, rest his soul.

noha said...

Oh no! How devastating. Well, I'm glad I got to meet the three at least.
Goodbye Frodo and Sam. Enjoy your trip into the west...