Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shamefully neglected

What, you ask, is shamefully neglected? This blog, I say... and for that, I am truly sorry. Let me say that I'm not actually writing a true post today, so much as just writing to say that I know I haven't written. If it's actually bothering anyone other than me, I'm sorry. Is it a good enough excuse that the wedding is really soon and that I had (and still have) a lot going on on several other fronts on top of the wedding? I'm hoping it is...
So, following is not a promise, but a resolution, that once the whole wedding, and honeymoon, and moving to another city (sort of) thing is over in a couple of months, I will try to post more often. Really, I'll try. and the good news is that I plan to take a lot of pictures on the honeymoon. Which means there'll be pictures on here again for what feels like the first time in forever. After all, the whole reason I originally started this blog was to post pics from my last trip to Egypt, so if you go back to the very first entries, that's all they are...
Anyway, all this to say I'll try. Just give me a little bit of time... Who knows: maybe I'll post regularly sooner than that. Just don't hold your breath. In the meantime, enjoy the geniuses like Jen, K, and Sajda on my blogroll. and go back and re-read Hadeel's hilarities. They're worth a second (and third, and fourth) read.


Anonymous said...

salaams noha, I'm happy u are taking the time to post even this...i know you must be in the midst of an extremely BUSY time... much mabrooks and duas for a beautiful time of it all :)
- commonplacer

Ralph Murre said...

hug trees
hug husband
have fun
hurry home

- R.