Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Angel Laundry

Today my little angel was walking around with his Teddy in one hand and his sister's Teddy in the other. Now, we make a point to keep the bathroom doors closed because little angel loves the toilet, but today we accidentally left the door open for about 2 seconds, which was long enough for him to toss not his - but the Little Angela's Teddy - head first into the toilet bowl.
The scene that followed was out of a sitcom - first my short shriek, followed by silence, followed by a complete breakdown from Little Angela. Of course, my sister had fished the Teddy from the toilet almost immediately, but this didn't matter to my niece.
The bottom line is that the Teddy has now been washed and dried and gone through a full laundry cycle, so all is once again well...

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