Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Un-Random Acts of Kindness

This was a really neat article I just read about how practicing random acts of kindness, and how it actually raises suspicion, while practicing "non-random" acts of kindness actually achieves a lot more... Not sure that I actually disagree with the "random" random act of kindness, but the overall message is a good one. Take a look here. Nice reminder to be kind in general, and I think it makes the good point of putting your real time and energy into acts that really have a lasting effect.


Adam said...

Kindness is so crucial! There is a great children's book called "Other People's Shoes." It teaches the value of kindness. It is the kind of books that parents love to read their children because it has a great storyline and teaches great values.

Here is a link if you want to check it out:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the ideal would be putting most of your efforts into organized acts of helping others, but not neglect random opportunities as they are presented to you.

noha said...

I think that's exactly it, COTW... YOu got it spot on.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that kindness needs to be discussed and that reminders need to be issued to "be kind". True kindness is innate. It shouldn't be an effort; or something one goes out to do; it should be a normal part of life -- taken for granted

noha said...

XUP, while I agree with you in theory, I think that unfortunately, not everyone is innately kind. I think that we can all "train" ourselves to change our habits and perspectives to include certain things - like kind behaviours, thoughts and considerations until they BECOME innate and part of normal life.
If it's not already there, a shift in behaviour that's hard at first is the way to get it.