Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anywhere but here

I've cited good articles in MacLean's magazine before, and this one is my latest favourite. Paul Wells talks about Stephen Harper's latest penchant for getting the heck out of Canada to avoid those pesky reporters that, you know, cover his government and report back on it. They even ask him questions - gasp!
A couple of months ago, my father-in-law sent us all a link to an interview Harper had done on MSNBC about the Canadian economy. I watched, expecting not much of anything. What I saw really surprised me: here was my prime minister speaking to a tv audience and answering questions as though those watching at home were intelligent adults. Not what he does when he's in Canada, eh? Have you ever noticed that Harper talks to us, his electorate, as though we're two year-olds on the verge of a tantrum and he's the kind, calming father? Looks straight into the camera, offers that fake smile meant to reassure and goes back through a few, repeatable selling points about whatever his latest five-point plan is regardless of the question? Asking about the environment or unemployment? No problem, we've got an answer for you! and that's why our plan to lower the gst will make everything better and the sky will be filled with rainbows and the clouds will rain cupcakes on the streets of Toronto. It's like we're in permanent election mode (and to be fair, with a minority government, we are. But still, I will get more out of your answers if you actually answer the question!)
What started of as pleasant surprise actually turned into frustration. So it's not that he thinks the entire world is composed of idiots, I thought, just us. But seriously, no one under 18 is allowed a vote in this country the last time I checked. I wish he'd remember that the next time he tries to woo us with 5 word phrases on perma-repeat.


Anonymous said...

"and the clouds will rain cupcakes on the streets of Toronto".
Love it!
But why not the streets of Ottawa too?
I'm sure they'll be peanut free cupcakes?
But what about ppl like us with wheat intolerances? Will there be wheat free cupcakes?


noha said...

No no no! the cupcakes will only rain most definitely not come in peanut-free or wheat-free varieties! The Conservative Party of Canada is a one-size fits all kind of party. If they start acknowledging individual requirements, well, that would just be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to time and effort consuming. GST cuts solve all and do everything necessary to stimulate the economy, don't you know?
and okay, I suppose the cupcakes might rain down in Ottawa as well as TO, and definitely also Calgary for that matter, but there will certainly be no cupcakes in Montreal, Winnipeg or Vancouver, and DEFINITELY not anywhere in Newfoundland!

Anonymous said...

why not in Mtl? com' on - it's all about the Quebec vote, n'est pas?!

citizen of the world said...

Harper could do like Bush did and force all the questioners/pritestors to stand behind a barrier. sigh

noha said...

Anonymous, sigh: it USED to be all about the Quebec vote, but that was before last fall when the NDP, Liberals, and Bloc all got together and threatened to topple the government. At that point, he abandoned Quebec - basically getting on TV and telling everyone they couldn't support a coalition including - GASP - Separatists!! (yup, the same people he loved when they propped him up, but you know, that's not actually pertinent to the conversation. It's this simple: Conservatives - care about you and make you happy. Everyone else: want to kidnap your kittens).
COTW, Harper is our Canadian version of Bush. The Canadian version is always just "less" exciting than the American version. In this case, it's a good thing, because Harper is obnoxious and self-absorbed, but not nearly as loud.