Sunday, February 25, 2007

Working Late Pictures ... and the brilliant Bob Gainey

I ended up staying at work a few extra hours 4 days last week to finish stuff up. I work in the building across from the funky Bank of Canada Building on Sparks street, which is sort of a "Building within a building" and has a glass exterior, with plants between the two layers. Turns out it looks even cooler after dark, as can be seen in the pics that follow:

On a completely unrelated note: The GM of my Montreal Canadiens has been at it again, just a few days before this year's trade deadline, and he sends Craig Rivet, the team's longest serving player, to San Jose for a young D and a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK!!! It's insane that Rivet, who's an incredibly hard worker, but really not that talented, and who's a UFA at the end of the season, can net a return of a good young D AND a first rounder. Mike Boone (whose Eeee-mail is linked on my blog roll) has more to say about it here, and I agree, there must be more brewing. I mean, if this is what we can get for Rivet, what could we get for Souray?

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