Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Total Disbelief

THEY DID IT! 6-4 and back in 7th place in the East!

Is this actually happening?
Are my Habs actually leading the Rangers 5-2 halfway through the hockey game? According to Boone, they are!

The pessimist in me is still still bracing for a possible loss when it's all over.


Faraz said...

It's over!

We were listening to the game at work on the radio (I'm on the West Coast so the game started at 4:30pm) and my supervisor (also from Montreal) kept jumping around every few minutes in the second period. Tied for 7th now!

And my boy Plekanec gets his 20th! Koivu with 4 assists!

noha said...

If we win all five games left, we are in! If not, it's still potential for out... the next question: do you start Huet in one of the back to back games this weekend? Let the goaltending controversy begin!