Monday, July 16, 2007

Home Remedies in the Tradition of Buckley's

i.e., they taste awful, but they work...

Following in the "Noha has a BRUTAL cold" theme, here are some ways to deal with that scratchy, agonizing throat (that keeps me up all night, because every time I lie down, I feel the overwhelming need to cough), that congestion, and the constant sneezing and coughing:

  • honey, honey, honey... fill a bowl or a container or whatever, and take a lick every few minutes. By the time your cold is gone, you won't want to touch anything sweet with a 10 foot pole (so you'll lay off the chocolate for a while) and the honey soothes your throat, which helps with the coughing, not to mention it's a natural antibiotic. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) frequently recommended honey for its medicinal properties.
  • garlic. yeah, raw garlic. Best to do this one when you're not going out... but it's also a natural anti-biotic.

  • Oregano Oil; incredibly hard to swallow, somewhat numbing, and only for the strong of stomach, but one drop will clear your congestion through your sinuses and throat. It's hard, but if you can manage not to water it down with any water, juice, or food, eventually (and I'm talking 5-10 minutes) you start getting sensation in your mouth again.

  • Ginger tea; all you need here is hot water and ginger powder, great to help you clear your throat. Warning, the taste is rather strong, but the more ginger powder you can put in, the better (try 1/4 of a teaspoon for 1/2 a cup of boiled water
and lastly, if you're losing your voice (like I am), and you need to conserve it for a little party you're attending on Saturday (like I am), speak as little as you can... For those of you who know me, you know this is the hardest 'get better' task for me to pull off :0


sajda said...

I remember some of these methods from your mom. I still use the honey one (I remember your mom saying just a tiny lick every little while) and the garlic + olive oil for earaches one!
Thanx for the others.

noha said...

Heheh... I didn't even post the garlic and olive oil one, I guess because I'm not suffering from an ear ache, but a cold. Anyway, you'll be happy to hear the cold is making a (not-so) hasty retreat, so I'm almost over it...
How was camping??

sajda said...

Great alhamdulillah - only it was raining every day except the day we left! Still, it was fun (a little - I mean, a LOT - of rain never hurt anyone, right?)
Glad to hear you're better.