Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Below, some flowers from the party last weekend (I can't take credit for the picture, it was someone else who took it...)


Jen said...

Ozayr likes to get Maymuna to do this... (she's three)

Ozayr: "what comes before Part B?"

Maymuna: "Part A!!" which sounds like "Pah-tay!"

Anyway I know this makes no sense as a blog comment, I'm rambling now. Hope your party was beautiful and full of life, like you, my dear. xo

noha said...

That's so cute! I love wordplay jokes (aka puns, aka corny jokes :D)

and the party was fantastic. You're very sweet Jen.

By the way, I meant to ask you, do you know any good places to buy stationary / card paper for do it yourself cards in Ottawa. I can only think of the office stores like Staples and Grand and Toy, and Chapters, and the Papery in the market and on Bank Street. I figured you'd be the person to ask after your "I love stationery" post on your blog...