Friday, November 10, 2006

Montreal at Night

Am I obsessed enough with this city for you yet? I probably spend 90% of my time in Ottawa, and 10% of my time in Montreal, and yet, most of the pics that are good enough to post (at least until I whip out the book my wonderful fiance got me on photography and learn how to take pics on something other than one of the automatic settings) are from the 10% of time that I spend in this lovely city in La Belle Province. What can I say... the sites are just more interesting and the buildings look cooler... or maybe because I don't live there, I'm still impressed...

Look closely: someone's 'written' a bilingual message into the back of the truck that we're following: "Vous Suivez le meilleur" and in English: "I am the best"

Outsitde my sister's place at night. This is the Marriott, and I can't remember what the other building is.

There's a story about these sculptures, but I don't know it well enough to tell it.

The Chateau at the top of Mont Royal.

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