Saturday, April 28, 2007

April Showers

After several days early last week of beautiful June weather (temperature in the 20's, sun always out) we've had what seems like every variation of rain possible for nearly ten days: drizzling, pouring, threatening to come down but not actually falling, big drops, hazy air but no drops to speak of...

This morning, out with my niece for a jog (she sits in the stroller, I push and run, not a bad workout ;)) I stopped to take some pictures of budding flowers (inspired by this photo on M's blog); to my grand disappointment, my 10 attempts did the exact opposite of M's picture, with my buds coming out blurry, and the backgrounds coming out clear! This is motivation to actually read my camera's manual and figure out how to increase the shutter speed for my pics, as I figure a big part of the blurriness was the slight wind that was shaking the flowers ever-so-slightly...
I won't bore you with my not-cool pics. Instead, here are a couple from the rainy week in downtown Ottawa.

on the roof a building across the street from my French class downtown, 14 floors up

before the fountain has its own water at Place de Ville

no one out on Starbucks patio

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