Sunday, January 04, 2009

Work (or more accurately, vacation)

Tomorrow it's back to work after 11 days off. M and I were thinking about the last time we've actually each had this much time off and we decided that our honeymoon didn't count - I know, I know, we're coming across as very very hard to please and also a bit ungrateful, but let me preface the decision: we were looking for the last time we had a lot of time off that was essentially "pure". This means, not a lot of travelling, not a lot of having to get up at a specific hour, and A LOT of vegging.
Now, let me give you a summarized itinerary of our honeymoon:
  • Montreal to Paris - 6 hours in Paris
  • Paris to Cairo - 3 days in Cairo
  • Cairo to El Gouna - 7 days in El Gouna
  • El Gouna to Alexandria - 4 days in Alexandria
  • Alexandria to Cairo - 4 days in Cairo
  • Cairo to Paris - 1 day in Paris
  • Paris to Montreal

Through out, suitcases were opened and closed a million times and all luggage was taken to all locations. Also, as this was the first time we were meeting each other's extended family (the folks still living in Egypt - and there are many!) we were constantly visiting with others, sometimes doing 2 or 3 visits a day. Even the time in El Gouna, which included a breakfast buffet with out accommodations, meant we had to be up early enough to eat breakfast. The bottom line: tons of fun, but very very little vegging. Sometimes, you come back from vacation feeling like you could use another vacation.
So, if we go back before that, the last no strings attached, long time off chunk we've had was Calabogie in the summer of 2007. Which is not that long ago, but we were both ready for a good chunk of vegging time...
And "vegging" we did: in TO, with M's parents and brother... I swear, the breakfasts we have at M's parents place are the kind that can go on for ages, where you start with eggs, and then you go for jam, and then cheese (goat cheese, and sheep's feta cheese, no allergy problems for Noha here) and then smoked salmon, and fava beans (traditional Egyptian breakfast food - prepared to excellence by M's father) all next to your fabulous cup of coffee, and topped off with very very very good conversation with a million tangents... This is true vegging.
So I come back from vacation feeling like I've actually relaxed, and as ready for work as you can actually be (are we ever actually ready for work? Like, really, truly, ready? I mean, no matter how much you like it, and I like my work, it's work, right??)
Happy end of vacation to all. Hope you had good ones if you were off.... and Happy New Year...


XUP said...

I’m slowly creepy up on the pre-retirement phase of my career so it’s getting tougher and tougher to come back to work after a vacation. There are so many interesting and more important things I could be doing with my time, but instead I’m stuck in a little cubicle 7.5 hours a day. Oh well, it pays the bills…sigh… (PS: I'll get to work on your 5 questions soon)

noha said...

Well, call me a total and complete geek, but after the groaning that went along with waking up early again, I actually ENJOYED my first day back...
XUP, you're right. It does pay the bills. It also gives me a lot of structure (probably more than I'd like, but at least some of it I need...) and YAY about the questions... I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time going back today. I love travel and I love vacation.

Big Brother said...

Hi,Ho, Hi, Ho it's back to school I go. Started today but the kids start tomorrow so at least I could get a big pile of corrections done. ;o)