Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Barack Obama Ruining your Marriage?

Apparently, he's ruining this guy's marriage... It seems the gentleman who wrote this article is a little miffed that people compare Mr. Pres to the average guy who doesn't have Air Force One at his disposal for a quick trip to New York or Paris, never mind the cooks, maids, and gardeners.
Good for a quick laugh, and more evidence of how Obama has somehow morphed into the perfect-everything, not just a model politician, in the minds of the media.


Anonymous said...

I rememebr seeing this on the Daily Show - funny stuff.

Hey, if you get a minute, would you drop me a quick email at the address in my blog banner? Have soemthing I need to tell you. :)

noha said...

yeah, Jon Stewart, as usual, cracks me up!