Friday, June 26, 2009

One Trash Bin + One Year

These people put me to shame. I need to - at the very least - recycle more. And think about it before I go around buying things I don't really need. and figure out how to get rid of things I don't want anymore in the best way possible (as in, donate to people who need the stuff, organizations, freecycle, etc.)
Seriously, one garbage bin's worth of trash all year. 1!!!!
For more details and a consistent dose of inspiration, I've added their blog to the blogroll: Clean Bin Project.


secret agent woman said...

Wow, and I thought my family was doing well for only putting out a small trashbag each week. It's inspiring - I don't think everyone has to get to the one small bin a year thing to hav ean impact. As the guy says in the videi, "The number one thing is do one more thing."

Big Brother said...

And here I was proud of myself for putting out a huge recycling bin and a small garbage bag each week...

noha said...

SAW, BB, you're both actually doing well in comparison to me. I think that living in an apartment building, where there is no "garbage day" just a chute down the hall, has made me throw out more stuff. I need to get back into recycling more things.
SAW, you're absolutely right about the "one more thing" approach.

Zhu said...


I'm trying my best as well and we recycle quite a lot.

I'm always amazed of how much garbage people have in my neighborhood. It's like it's moving day every week!