Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Little Angels

My parent's house is like a playground, but in 3 more days, it will be like a small, Montessori-style daycare. Dubai-sis, with her two little angels, has been here for nearly two months. Cali-sis is on her way in a few days, with her three little angels. I am insanely excited at the prospect.
It's been a year since the various munchkins interacted, and a year is a life time for small children.
The two youngest, born a month less a day apart, were one when they last met... that was old enough to kind of laugh together and crawl around each other, with the possibility of tentative steps occurring. This time, they'll be over two. I predict one way conversations, where each rambles in his version of baby-talk to the other and then doesn't wait to see what his cousin has to say back before continuing.
The three older angels will be 6, 5, and 3.5, respectively. In the year they've been apart, both my female Dubai Angela and California Angela have become more enamoured with clothing, brushing their hair, and the colours pink and purple. My Dubai Angela has even modified an old Egyptian saying to stress the importance of pink:
Bahibbik add il-donya - meaning "I love as much as the whole world", has been modified to bahibbik add il-bamba - meaning "I love you as much as pink".
We'll have to see whether the Angelas gang up on the Angel and insist on games revolving around tea time and bows in their hair, or whether he'll manage to entice them with a little bit of tag...
Regardless, children are a blast to observe... I'm planning on having some fun.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a houseful of kids to put life into perspective.

noha said...

exactly! they have such a fascinating view of the world. A couple of weeks ago, my younger sister was also in ottawa during the week, so there were 3 of us sisters there at one time. My dubai Angela looked around while we were eating dinner and said to my mom (her grandma):
"You have three daughters sitting here, having dinner with you. When I grow up, I want to have three daughters around me having dinner with me - pause - but I think I'll have them all grown up already."

It was insanely precious! First of all, she recognized what a rare moment this was and how sweet it must have been for my mom, and then she decided she'd skip all the hard stuff with her own kids and just jump ahead to when they were grown ups!
I'm looking forward to more tidbits of wisdom from the whole angelic crew...