Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A post about coffee (which I've been meaning to write for weeks)

You will not believe this... Not if you've read my previous mentions of my coffee addiction, including my complete failures the last two Ramadans to not drink it before starting to fast. Are you ready? Drumroll.............

I QUIT! I, Noha Beshir, professed coffee addict of over 10 years, lover of the Second Cup Paradiso blend, the Timothy's Vanilla Soy Latte, and the regular old Large Timmy's with one milk, have not had a coffee in over three weeks. And, the coffee I consumed three weeks ago was simply due to the fact that I was a counsellor at youth camp, chasing around many lovely, high strung teenage girls on less than 2 hours of sleep for the second day in a row. Before that, I had gone two weeks without coffee as well.
I won't lie: the first 5 days of non-coffee drinking were brutal. Headaches, exhaustion, all that good stuff. But now, I'm smooth sailing. When I'm tired, I try to sleep instead of caffeinating, and I think I'm generally a (slightly) less bubbly person. But yeah: Noha, without coffee. Whoda thunk it, eh?


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Check out this page about natural energy boosters (I know that tea & coffee are natural, but this talks about non-caffinated ways.)
Keep up the good work.

noha said...

thanks! but you didn't send the link?

- K said...

How ironic. Last week, jetlag was forcing me to drink at least two cups a day, when I had been coffee-free for years before that. Today's my first day back off of coffee.


noha said...

Haha! Good luck K. I'm sure you'll stay off it no problem.