Saturday, February 14, 2009

100 Random Things About Noha

Inspired by COTW's list, which was apparently inspired by someone else's list, here is my own list of 100 random things about me.
  1. I love parentheses. They were created for people like me who can't finish a though without launching into a second (and third) tangential thought.
  2. Nested parentheses are even better
  3. Sometimes I wish I had was a starving artist and the whole world read my writing and thought it was beautiful, instead of a gainfully employed civil servant working in IT
  4. Most of the time, my practical side wins out and I am happy to have more than 1/2 a month's rent in my bank account, or be subsisting on beets. It's a romantic notion, but I'm actually not that romantic a person
  5. I now love certain foods I was completely indifferent towards in my childhood (exhibit a: the date)
  6. Though I fancy myself a creative person, I have very few original ideas. Most of what I say was read/heard/seen elsewhere first
  7. I don't think this contradicts being creative
  8. Songs are really just poems set to a tune. The ones with beautiful words can make me cry
  9. I used to be afraid of daddy long legs.
  10. I am still afraid of centipedes
  11. I have a tendency to be very silly
  12. I hate serious confrontation. It literally makes me sick to my stomach
  13. My favourite people in the world are my family (hubby, parents, sisters, and all their kids, hubbies, families, etc.). We're close in ways most people I know find unreal.
  14. When I was little, I could get so engrossed in books that two of my sister's could stand over me, insulting my favourite hockey player at the top of their lungs, and I wouldn't even hear them
  15. Said player would be Doug Gilmour
  16. There are teachers who I will never ever forget for how much they contributed to my childhood and by extension, my personality: Mr. Falls (6th grade), Mr. Knox (9th grade science), Mr. Fitzpatrick (9th to 11th grade lit), Mrs. Alexander (high school chemistry). I truly respect and admire these people, and if I knew where they were, I would walk up to them with a box of chocolate and say thank you.
  17. I read Quran really well, but have a bit of difficulty reading regular Arabic, because the writers usually don't include the accents.
  18. Strangers in Egypt can usually tell within 15 minutes that I'm not a native
  19. My parents are my heroes
  20. I constantly read other people's blogs and think - Man! How did she think of that great idea/phrase/concept?
  21. I tend towards being very vibrant or very quiet. I have a small "in between" window.
  22. I'm working on that
  23. I'm addicted to coffee
  24. Lately, I'm also liking tea
  25. and ice cream
  26. I am sometimes inexplicably sad for no reason.
  27. When this happens, a conversation with one of my favourite people is usually in order to fix it
  28. I took gymnastics as a child and still know how to do some of the stuff - cartwheels anyone?
  29. I also did track and field, and usually made the team more on effort than on talent
  30. I made the tennis team in 9th grade because not enough people tried out. My doubles partner and I lost every match. Badly
  31. I LOVE water sports
  32. My favourite place in the world is Calabogie lodge. Been going there with my favourite people in the world since I was 8 or 9. You can probably trace our family story by following our summer vacations through the years...
  33. I used to write for at least an hour every day. Not always good, but forced quantity used to produce at least a bit of quality
  34. I love The New Yorker
  35. I love The Far Side
  36. If there's a new alternative health craze out there, you can bet I've at least read about it, if not tried it in some capacity
  37. I have a whole slew of food sensitivities, which I regularly ignore.
  38. My favourite thing about Montreal is the bike paths that are all over the city. I'm the girl in the hijab you see biking all over the place in the spring/summer/fall downtown.
  39. My favourite hockey team is the Montreal Canadiens, even though I was actually a Leaf's fan the last time they won a cup.
  40. I get caught up in political stuff. I can't separate it from life or turn it off since I see how much it affects some people's lives. Maher Arar used to pray at the same place as my family in Ottawa before he was sent to Syria for a year of torture. I go to Egypt to visit extended family and I see the corruption everywhere (in non-collected garbage and crumbling buildings and taxi drivers complaining about how to make ends meet). It's impossible to close my eyes to this. Politics is life for the part of the world that isn't as lucky as the other part (aka, us).
  41. I get very upset at injustice, whether to me, or those I know and love, or strangers.
  42. I have a good memory for useless trivia
  43. I have three handwritten unfinished novels in notebooks under my bed. My younger sister, aka my audience, has yet to forgive me for leaving her hanging.
  44. I cry a lot. Not because I'm easily sad, but because I'm easily moved.
  45. If you have a cough, drink Gollum Juice.
  46. Also, Oregano oil is the most disgusting tasting thing on earth, but insanely healthy and good for germ-killing.
  47. I am the run-on sentence's biggest supporter.
  48. My ability to sleep has nothing to do with the noise/light situation around me. The position of my neck and something to use as a pillow though? Absolutely necessary. On my weekly bus rides, I have devised ingenious pillow variations.
  49. I know random small talk in Russian, Swedish, and German.
  50. I am trilingual (English, Arabic, French)
  51. I LOVE names and their origins.
  52. Also, trying to figure out what language someone is speaking when I don't recognize it (is that Polish? Russian? Croatian?)
  53. I am currently buying books way faster than I can read them.
  54. I have a very low tolerance for heels, or anything that hurt the soles of my feet.
  55. I have chronic back and neck pain from a dislocated rib/neck incident in 9th grade. It sounds sinister, but it came about in the most mundane of ways. Also, slightly embarrassing.
  56. I've gotten stitches on multiple occasions, but never broken a bone or needed a cast (yet!)
  57. If I'm reading a book by an author, my writing (if I'm writing at the time) inevitably takes that author's tone/style.
  58. I started writing to be like my older sister, who is also my best friend.
  59. Whenever I hear a song/poem I like, I immediately email it to said sister. Given she has two little ones under 4 (my Little Angela and Little Angela) her inbox is probably overflowing with these emails.
  60. My favourite blog is by this lovely Canadian woman living in India with her husband and children. Moving. Funny. Exceptionally written.
  61. I can't draw to save my life
  62. I can, however, cook. I make up my own recipes.
  63. I never thought I'd be a good cook and am mildly proud (and surprised) of this accomplishment.
  64. I get a lot of joy from reading Scott Feschuk's hilarious columns in MacLean's Magazine.
  65. I feel like we're living in a very momentous time in history. I think that over the next few years, the world will change a lot.
  66. I hope they're good changes
  67. I want to be part of it.
  68. I love looking at beautiful pictures.
  69. CBC Radio 1 is absolutely awesome.
  70. Bel Canto is the most amazing book.
  71. I second guess myself a lot
  72. I buy recipe books, look through them once, and then rarely go back.
  73. My husband continuously befuddles me with his ability to do 4 page mathematical proofs. I happily left these behind in 1st year university.
  74. I have been an A+ student my whole life.
  75. I never took biology because I was too easily disgusted. The bit of dissection we had to do in general science never ended well for me.
  76. and yet I can prepare meat without problems.
  77. I am a wannabe health freak.
  78. I am also a wannabe environmentalist.
  79. My favourite verse in the Quran is the second last verse of the Chapter called The Cave: Say, "If the ocean were ink (wherewith to write out) the words of my Lord, sooner would the ocean be exhausted than would the words of my Lord, even if we added another ocean like it, for its aid."
  80. I am a big believer in always remembering that you don't know everything (or even most things)
  81. I love chocolate, but also salad.
  82. I love Canada fiercely, but I make a distinction between love and pride for my country and criticism of it.
  83. I get homesick easily when I travel.
  84. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is perfectly up my alley when it comes to humour.
  85. Corny jokes are also brilliant.
  86. Jon Stewart is a genius. Also Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and any political sketches on SNL
  87. This one is stolen with modifications from COTW's list: I would happily take a job at the Ministry of Silly Walks.
  88. I love calla lilies and irises.
  89. I want to go to New Zealand some day for a very nature oriented vacation (hiking, rafting, etc)
  90. I have seen the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean sea, but not the Atlantic.
  91. My favourite season is summer, but I think winter is extremely pretty.
  92. I didn't have a cell phone until a year ago, and now I can't live without it.
  93. I can go on a small amount of sleep, but I become either silly-hyper from too much coffee, or somewhat cranky.
  94. My toes are the first part of me to get cold. Once this happens, I become extremely cranky.
  95. My sisters and I are all daddy's girls. He used to whisk us off to Timmy's for warm, sweet treats every chance he got when we were still in university.
  96. I love to sit in small cafes with a hot cup of coffee, either reading a good book, people watching, or trying to write.
  97. My favourite place to do so is Planet Coffee in Ottawa. I'm still looking for my *favourite* place in Montreal.
  98. I am still very close a couple of my closest friends from high school, though we almost never see each other.
  99. Everyday I get to know M better, I am amazed by new similarities I discover between us. Deeper ones that didn't surface before.
  100. I miss carrying my Little Angels and Little Angelas around, hugging and kisses them to bits, giving them horsey rides and other invented silly games. I can't wait to see them again in a few months when they all converge at my parents' house.


Anonymous said...

I am with you, being a very parenthetical writer myself. One thing I find intriguing about this exercise is how on any given day you might generate an entirely different list. There are an endless supplies of little trivial things about a person.

Jen said...

I actually saved this post for a time when I would have a chance to read it and enjoy it. I did. Some things I'm happy that I knew, some things I didn't know. Thanks. :-)

noha said...

COTW, I'm glad I'm not the only crazy bracket lady out there :)
And it's true that on any given day, the list would be different, but I actually bet some of the points would be on the list no matter which day I wrote it...
Jen, I'm glad you enjoyed. I'd love to read a list of yours... P.S. I was on your blog yesterday and I went to download "This American Life: the Santa Wars" or whatever it was called. I'm planning on listening to it soon... Tell Ozayr thanks for spreading the joy...

Hannah said...

Eww. I am with you in terms of the fear of centipedes thing..anything with that many legs should be feared! :P

noha said...

Hannah, welcome! Yes, centipedes are nasty, nasty creatures!