Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ode to CBC

I wanted to share my specific CBC favourites since I'm always going on and on about them on here. So maybe some of you would like to check them out. It's just an effort to spread the joy:

1- GO - this is the Saturday morning radio show run by Brent Bambry about, well, about whatever they decide to talk about. They're funny and unassuming, and it's more talk and less news and usually has a live audience. They're on hiatus for the summer, but I'm pretty sure you can listen to old shows at their website.
2- DNTO - More radio. Stands for Definitely Not the Opera, and the host is Sook-Yin Lee and the show's slogan is: "We put the U into Pop Culture - both of them - because there are two u's". Usually follows a theme for the entire episode and explores it from different angles. Some of this year's themes of the top of my head: Meat, water, camping, outsourcing... Really just a lot of fun.
3 - Q - Radio again: hosted by Jian Ghomeshi on weekday afternoons and evenings. An intelligent look at arts and entertainment. Apparently, these guys also have a youtube channel, which I have yet to check out...
4- Everything on Looking for critical, entertaining movie and book reviews, or just an arts section that actually talks more about arts and less about celebrities that are famous for being famous. Look no further. Also, they usually approach this from a Canadian angle, which works just fine for me.
5- the CBC sports page: I was able to watch my Canadiens in the play-offs online. 'Nuff said.

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Jen said...

Living in the States I really really miss listening to the CBC in the car. I love Brent, he is definitely my favourite, I miss his witty banter with Lawrence Wall at 5 o'clock (back when BB did All In A Day). NPR is pretty good (like in Canada pretty left wing), but the host's personalities are not so obvious. It's less personal somehow. You would enjoy This American Life and Talking Volumes.