Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Global Freeeeeeeezing (or at least Ottawa)

Some pics I took in the ABSOLUTELY FREEZING COLD of last week (and I mean it when I say freezing cold. I was wearing three layers under my down-filled jacket, heavy mitts, scarf, and hat, and still couldn't feel my extremities. But coming home at sunset often results in being inspired, and I figured if I was already frost-bitten, what would really be the difference in three more minutes of outside exposure to capture the moment. Let me just say I don't envy the construction guys who are still working on the houses in the street behind ours...)

Morning shot near the bus stop

Plaza two blocks from home. Someone decided to take the Loeb shopping cart halfway home, I guess

The finished houses a block away from us

and the "not-finished" houses. Poor Poor Construction Guys!

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