Friday, January 05, 2007


Team Canada's Junior Men's Hockey team won their third straight world title today, 4-2 over Russia in Sweden. A very proud moment for this country (or at least the hockey fanatics in the country). As the game was being played in a time zone 6 hours ahead of us, the game was happening at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and my office was split between those who cared and were following either by radio or on TSN's live tracker, and those who weren't in the least bit interested.
A tidbit of the conversation from those who cared: "2-0!" "4-0!" "4-1. Oh no, they're mounting a comeback" "Can you get radio where you're sitting?"
A tidbit of the conversation between myself and those who didn't care:
Me (passing a colleague in the hall): 4-2 with 20 minutes left. Let's hope we can pull this off.
Colleague: Blank stare
Me: You know, the Junior Hockey Championships? The final? Right now?
Colleague: Oh, that.
Me: If we win, it's three in a row.
Colleague: disinterested look
Me: You don't follow hockey?
Colleague: Nope
Me: You don't care at all?
Colleague: Nope
Me: Not even from a "Canada's really good at something and that's kind of nice" perspective?
Colleague: Nope.

and so I'm left to shake my head and return to conversation with those who do care. Otherwise it's just kind of anti-climactic, and that's a let down, you know?

Anyway, so I'm thrilled about the victory, and also thrilled that the tournament was such a success for so many Montreal Canadiens' prospects representing many countries. Canada's goalie, Carey Price, is Montreal draft pick and had a tremendous tournament. So did Montreal's prospects on Russia, Belarus, and Slovakia. The future is looking bright, my fellow Habs fans. Smile...

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