Monday, January 01, 2007

Party! (family, friends, and forbidden food)

Yesterday was M and I's official engagement party. We had it right here at home, with his and my immediate family, as well as all of the extended family I have that's near by enough to attend (aka, Ottawans and Montrealers). Lots of fun, and lots of picture taking, and lots of normally-not-allowed-food-eating. Let's see:
-Ferrero Rocher chocolates (2 yesterday, and probably 5 or 6 today)
-Ice Cream (chocolate and vanilla. It's been SO long... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....)
-A honkin' slice of vanilla and strawberry cake (With "Congratulations Mohamed and Noha" written on the front)
-Cheese slices (cheddar, to be specific, over breakfast and as well as on nachos while watching a movie today)
-Grapes (but this doesn't count because I always "cheat" with grapes)
-Some pita bread in a traditional Egyptian dish called "Fatta" (With "Congratulations Noha and Mohamed" written on top in Arabic with Fatta sauce by my Daddy :D)

All in all, I'm shocked my system was able to handle it so well. I really expected I'd be sick in bed today what with all my cheating, but instead I was up and about and consuming more chocolate. I do have my first cold of the season, however, and I'm swearing by the homeopathic remedies of oregano oil and ginger tea. Like Buckley's, they taste awful, but they work.

Most of the crowd left last night to head home. My sister, brother-in-law, and M took off a couple of hours ago and should be back in Montreal any minute now. Tomorrow it's back to the office for me...


Aisha said...

congratulations!!! When is the big day? And how can you not cheat with Ferrero Rocher? Take care :)

noha said...

Heehee... thanks Aish. Big day has not yet been set. But yes, in complete agreement with you, Ferrero Rocher is Irresistible. But you know what? After like 20 of them in 3 days, I think I may have reached my breaking point. My taste buds just aren't getting tantalized anymore.
How's life in Waterloo treating you?