Monday, January 29, 2007

How do they get the graffiti up there exactly?

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted with any consistency (at least my new year's resolution wan't to make the blog more interactive or anything, that would have been a hoot!)

Just a pic that has caused me great amusement over the last few weeks, that I wanted to share with whoever actually looks at this blog:

I took this from the 7th floor of a ridiculously expensive parking garage downtown (arrived at noon. Left at 5 p.m. Damage done to my wallet = $15. This, along with the ability to sleep on the bus and the fact that gas is ridiculous and the world is warming up too quickly for anyone's comfort, is another reason for taking public transit most days...)

But seriously, how did the "artist" in question manage to get that grafitti at the top of the SunLife building? You have to figure it was an angry contractor hired to do some work on the roof, non?

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- K said...

I've found myself thinking the same thing on the Toronto subway route. There are a couple of locations where I've found graffiti, and just couldn't figure out how anyone could get there.

Maybe that's the point.