Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Spoke too Soon - Part II

Lesson of the weekend: don't let the bad guys spoil your fun.
M and I went down to a bike shop this afternoon, and I now have a great new ride, used, so hopefully not as tempting, a better lock, and a more cautious outlook on where and how to lock it up.
We went out to the Old Port and the Lachine Canal and rode around a whole lot, and I am now slightly stiff, but very very happy.
Happy Sunday all...


- K said...

Sorry about the old bike, but congratulations on the new!

Oh, and definitely go with a U-Lock. It's more than worth the investment. Chain locks are too easy to cut.

And thanks for the bike blogging. You've inspired me to break out the bike as well.

noha said...

Thanks K! But we should both be thanking M, it's this chain reaction of bike inspiration that's resulted in any of us biking :)