Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is this an omen?

So last Friday, I had a little accident on my bike which resulted in me landing on my face and elbow in the middle of the street right before the light turned green for the oncoming traffic. It sounds soooooooooooo much worse than it actually was when I re-read that sentence, because of course the cars waited until I could get myself up and out of their way, and I wasn't bleeding except for a small scratch on my elbow, and my face, surprisingly, did not swell up to the size of a balloon. In fact, other than some general soreness, the only serious result was that my ear was killing me, (which turned out to be because my jaw was thrown out of its spot - not to worry, my chiropractor fixed that a few days later).
I took a few minutes to get un-disoriented (I'm getting kicked out of any writers club that might ever accept me for that word) and then I got back on the bike and went about my several errands, and then went to a soccer game that night with M (Canada beat St. Vincent and Grenadines 4-1 --Yay!) M and I went biking again the next day.
I told my colleagues the story on Tuesday, and they almost all pointed out the same thing: First, my bike is stolen on only its second day in Montreal. Then, I have a little accident on my new bike the very next week... Should I maybe NOT be riding a bike?
But I've decided to keep biking. Accidents happen to everyone, and apparently bikes getting stolen in Montreal also happen to everyone, and the bottom line is, I really like biking. If I can do it instead of taking the bus for some of my shorter trips, why not?


Anonymous said...

I don't know. Bikes aren't for every one. Like you, I've had nothing but bad stuff happen when I cycle. So I gave up and walk now.

noha said...

the last big biking accident I had was when I was 6 and decided to go down the big kids hill only a few weeks after my training wheels came off. I still have the scar on my arm near my elbow to prove it. I'm hoping I was just due since it's been almost 20 years since I hurt myself on a bike.