Monday, June 16, 2008

Useful Information (or "Not to be an alarmist, but...")

I heard about this website on CBC Radio called "", which is run by an environmental defence group. From it, I found some great links for information. Check out the following if you're concerned about different products you use and are looking for alternatives with less chemicals and toxins.
I don't think we read labels very much anymore. I think we've just gotten used to assuming if it's on the shelves, it's okay for us, but that's unfortunately not true. I've tried following those emails in the past that say "avoid products with ingredients xyz in it" but the names are so confusing and the products so many that it's easy to get confused.
That's what makes this site so helpful. You can actually search for the specific skin care, health care, and beauty products that you use and get their ratings for toxins that they have, instead of looking for complicated sounding ingredients.
The other helpful site is this one, which shows you a list of less toxic products to use in your home by category (cleaners, dishwashing, etc).
Happy reading!

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