Monday, July 21, 2008


Too exhausted to write a detailed or comprehensive post that may actually make sense about camp, so instead, I'm just putting down some random thoughts. Camp was awesome (it always is):
  • Hours of sleep I got from Friday to Sunday night: 5
  • Old friends from Ottawa I got to hang out with: 4
  • Number of slices of banana bread I ate when I broke down on Sunday: 6 (but they were small!)
  • Times I cried: 3
  • Number of marshmallows I ate around the campfire: 6
  • Number of campers: 140+
  • Hours we drove from Montreal to get to the campsite: 2
  • Buses needed to get Montreal campers there: 2
  • Mosquito bites I am now covered in: Too many. I'll have to spend the next three hours counting and get back to you.
  • Little sun-burny rash spots I have on my face because I forgot to apply sunscreen most of the time I was outside: A LOT
  • Number of canoes that tipped in the water when the girls went swimming: 1 for sure, and I suspect a second but not actually sure.
  • Chocolate consumed over the weekend: none - unless you count Nuttela, which I shouldn't have spread on my bread, but did anyway
  • Coffee consumed: Not enough - 3 cups
  • Tea consumed: Not enough - 1 cup
  • Cell phone reception to the outside world from the campsite: None
  • Number of unclaimed items going into the lost and found at the MAC Montreal Mosque from the end of camp: 3 (a towel, a sleeping bag, and a pillow)

And some of my favourite photos ...


VioletSky said...

Glad you had such a good time.

Love the plate faces! Are you the one with freckles?

Nutella doesn't count as chocolate - it very clearly declares itself to be a "hazelnut spread with ... and cocoa". It just tastes so very richly chocolately.

noha said...

The plate faces were courtesy of a very talented camper in my group, and we used them in a skit on our last day. No, I have no freckles, just little red rash marks from my sunburn...
I LOVE nutella. I won't buy it at home because if I did, I would probably consume the whole jar in one morning and double my weight in the span of a week.

XUP said...

Sounds like a fun time. What a lot to pack into one weekend.

noha said...

XUP, if you think it was packed based on my description so far, you really don't wanna see the program...
They're always packed. It's like part of the deal or something.