Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hilariously Scary Misunderstanding

Here's a story from camp. On Saturday, I had a little cry-fest about missing my sister with one of my close friends from Ottawa. Afterwards, even though I'd washed my face, I still looked like Rudolf with a sunburn and an emotional breakdown (red nose, red eyes, red cheeks, red everything.) One of the other girls asked me what was wrong.
What I said: "I just miss my sister." Pause. "She's in Dubai".
What she heard: "I just lost my sister." Pause. "She's in Dubai".
This explains the horrified look on her face as I explained and then rushed away.


Jazz said...

Yeah, that would explain the horrified look.

noha said...

The good news is, it made me laugh when I heard what she'd heard. You know? It kinda got me saying, "wow, I miss my sister but it's actually not so bad".

Anonymous said...

loved it - made me laugh out loud even though the kiddies are asleep.
Said sister

noha said...

Hello Beloved! So nice to see you finally have a free moment to browse the "archives", if I may... even if that moment is after midnight in Dubai. Love.