Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Blogs on the Side

Hey Folks,
I've been doing a little explorin' on the world wide web and cyber-visiting on some new sites, and it's time to add them to the blogroll. Drumroll...
XUP: In Ottawa. Fun, thoughtful, astute writing.
Mooselim: The title alone says it. So corny, so hilarious. I've talked about these guys before. It's basically the conversations these Canadian Muslims would have at Timmy's, but online.
Fly Fish Fly and Journey Mama: These folks just moved to India from the American West Coast. Follow their adventures. Both blogs belong to this fabulous couple. Beautiful writing. Definite must-read.
Viotet Sky: Fun, musings. Somewhere in Ontario.

and a new "cool site": Altmuslim. Great site with news, reviews, editorials, discussion forums, about all things Muslim or affecting Muslims.


VioletSky said...

Aw, Thanks.

I had also just added you to my blogroll tonight!!

Love your writings and I've only gone as far back as April.

noha said...

Thanks VioletSky! I'm really enjoying your writing too. I loved the poem about the colour violet...