Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soul Touching

For my soon-to-depart sister:

You opened me with your words
Like a flower
In rain, just a little afraid to be pelted
But wanting the water
Opened to a thirst I didn't realize I had

Not a need but a want
To be connected, to be held in the thoughts of
Another human being, a beautiful creature
With wings for ideas, each notion
Touching down to tickle the back of my neck
And fly away
Hover on the edge of the horizon
Turn to wave before leaving

You opened me to feed me
To nurture my pieces with extra
Wholesome cooking
The cream rich in your soup
The bread soft
The dough chewy after hard stale crackers
(And here I thought the bucking up was good
And here I was learning to be tough
But I learnt again what it is to fall
Heavily into a bed, to sink into it
To close your eyes and dream
When still awake
To feel all the succulence
And not only the sustenance)

And all with only words
To make me feel a giant
To fill me full to my brim so I can
Grow beyond them
Look down from high high high on up
And see that they are not so big
That I am bigger
(If only in my head and your words)
And stop being fine when asked.
No, be good. Be truly, really good.

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