Monday, July 14, 2008

My Baby

Little Angela runs up to me when I come in today and says, her eyes full of wonder, in Arabic: "Auntie Nonno, I'm going to the Emirates!" as though it's news. I think she's only just realized. I pretend to be surprised for her sake. I would hate for someone to rain on my parade and say what I'd told them is common knowledge by then.
Another Little Angela tidbit: Last week, she is drinking a glass of milk and has about 8 drops left,when she decides to share with her grandma. "All this?" says Grandma. "You're so generous. thank you sooooooooo much!" and Little Angela beems with pride for a moment, before she sees her gradmother tip the glass back to drink the last few drops, and panics: "No Grandma! Don't drink it all! Leave me some!"
8 drops!

My God, I am going to miss this child.

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