Monday, July 07, 2008

For the Homesick

Or possibly just for me?
Here are a list of similar places in Ottawa and Montreal, if you're looking for similarities, which I often am:
  • The bike paths on the Lachine Canal = The bike paths on the Ottawa River Parkway
  • The Park at Mont Royal, and Parc LaFontaine = Andrew Haydon Park, and Mooney's Bay
  • The Old Port = Sparks Street
  • The Lookout from Mont Royal
  • The Lookout from Parliament Hill
  • Eaton's Centre = Rideau Centre
  • Bugs in Montreal that love to bite = Bugs in Ottawa that love to bite

Happy summer. Keep Enjoying.


Jazz said...

Oh yeah, the bugs... Glad to know if I go to Ottawa I won't have to be homesick for the mosquitos.

XUP said...

Ah, but here in Ottawa, along with mosquitoes we also have swarms of lackadasical public servants and hoards of blood-sucking politicians!

noha said...

XUP, Haha! So true. Well, that's just part of the "charm" of our city