Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Other-Post Follow-ups

Some unrelated-to-each other ideas that may each be related to older posts:
  • They say the proof is in the pudding... well, I say the proof is in the brownies. As promised, I bought cocoa, and on a whim, made some wheat-free, cane sugar brownies a half hour ago. The difference between these and the carob ones is astounding. I am truly a chocoholic, and it's not to be cured.
  • Because I complained about the lack of hijabi-friendly clothing this season: 1)For any hijabi-Montrealers, there is a booth inside the Eaton's centre near the Metro McGill entrance that sells scarves, long tunics, and other hijabi stuff for reasonable prices. I went last Monday and have a new tunic to show for my efforts. 2) My mum-in-law is way too sweet: after listening to me complain during our last outing about the lack of long sleeved items available, she apparently found one of the very very few things on the market the other day and picked it up for me.... 3) There's a new hijabi clothing store in Montreal called "Inty" (cool play on words because this is how to say the feminine "you" in Arabic). I haven't been there, but I hear from a friend that the stuff is good quality and affordable. If you know the city, it's located where the old Multi-vision store was.
  • I finished Bel Canto, the first book from Jen's suggested list, and in an effort not to spoil it, all I can say is GO READ THIS BOOK. Sooooooooooooooooooooo good. Meets all my super-picky criteria: good characters, good writing, good plot. As for Jen's request that I tell her what I thought of the controversial ending, I'll just say that it's crushing, but marvelous, and totally plausible. This book leaves your heart-aching. You love the characters that much. Next, I'm starting The Namesake, which is supposed to also be great. I hope it's as great. Keep your suggestions coming. I'm planning on reading a lot, as I'm hoping to write a lot and for me, the best way to do that is through reading.


Jen said...

soooo glad you liked it! my copy is still at my bedside despite having finished it over a year ago. there is a passage near the beginning, describing the french man and his wife, their marriage - I would read that a thousand times. my husband claims I WOKE HIM UP to read him that passage the first time. But hey, i'd take Ann Patchett over sleep anytime. :-)

VioletSky said...

I am one of those irritating purists - it should be "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". And I'm sure you have proved it well. Are there any brownies left?
(from one true chocoholic to another!)

noha said...

Jen, I think I know which passage you're talking about. The French man is actually one of those characters that I didn't realize how much I loved until the book was almost over. He's central to the story without being one of the "main" ones, if you know what I mean. I guess that's the author's genius, making you care about each character even if you only know them so well... I'm gonna have to go back and read all her other books, but for now, onto the namesake.
VioletSky, the brownies are FABULOUS. My husband, who doesn't have any allergies of his own, still thinks they're fantastic despite being wheat-free and using alternative sugar instead of the super refined stuff. I made a double batch, so yes, there are *some* left, but we both agreed it would be best if I took some with me to Ottawa tomorrow for my parents, sister, and little Angel and Angela, lest my husband end up on a permanent sugar high...

noha said...

VioletSky, just re-read your comment... I had no idea that's how the expression actually went. Thanks for the correction.