Monday, December 04, 2006


This pic taken this summer on the mediterranean coast in Egypt, about 50 Km from Alexandria:

This pic taken two days ago across my driveway in Ottawa, Canada:


Ally said...

Beautiful, Noha. I love the parallels here.

I went to Kenya last summer and I've often been struck visually by similar images in America.

Maybe I'll have to spend a weekend taking photos to comare now!

noha said...

Thanks Ally,
It's funny how they're the same, but different. Almost reflections of each other. I certainly don't see nearly as much sand or dust here (in Ottawa, Canada). No ocean or sea nearby, LOTS of green instead. That's the big difference when I visit Egypt, everything is sand-dusted almost. It's beautiful, but it's a different kind of beauty. In the end, the similarities are almost in how humans affect all the different environments.