Friday, December 01, 2006


So the brief warm spell really was a brief warm spell. Today it turned just positively icky... Actually, truth is it started last night, with freezing rain, which turned into ice pellets, back into freezing rain, and then wet snow and freezing rain combined with a wonderful wind chill kicking in for extra effect...
The ground in Ottawa is now white, but it's not one of those pretty, pristine whites that only gets ruined when the cars drive through and turn it into slush. It's already slush, from the first second it comes down. This is officially our first snow of the season. It was overdue; we were really too lucky to get away with no snow this long. Welcome to winter... Of course, being re-inspired to take pics, I took off my mitts (which completely restrict my hand movements - I have to take them off just to show a driver my buss pass) and totally froze my poor little fingers taking these pics... I reminded me of a great prof we had at the U of O, Dr. Groza, for Electrical Engineering, who used to start off describing the week's assignment with the phrase "Now when you burn your little fingers in the lab..." I never actually burnt my fingers on any of the wiring I had to play around with there. I may have gotten a few callouses from being ridiculously bad with wire cutters, but that's a whole other story. Today, however, I BURNT my fingers. You know when something's so cold it burns? That was how my fingers felt after taking these pics. Alas, sometimes one must suffer for one's art (said totally tongue-in-cheek. Hope they're at least some good).

Note all the icicles hanging from the tree, bushes, sign...

(all of the above downtown near work)

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