Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ugh... Take Note of Grossness

Read this article today about how the USFDA (Food and Drug Administration) has decided that cloned meat and cloned meat products don't need special labelling. Apparently, it's safe and there's no difference between cloned meat and regularly produced meat. And you know this based on the years and years it's been around to collect that empirical, scientific evidence, right?

And this is their choice to decide even though most consumers want to know??? Never mind whether or not you think cloning is unnatural, unhealthy, or just wrong. Never mind any of that and let's just talk about that all-important concept in American / Western culture, you know, that little thing called Freedom of Information, and that other one called Freedom of Choice - aka, my right to know what I'm eating. If I don't know it's cloned, how do I choose not to eat the cloned stuff? Since when do you get to make my choice for me that I have to eat cloned meat? And if the US does it, I won't be in the least surprised if Canada follows suit.

I wonder if the people at the FDA read this article about the perils of cloning in Time Magazine a few months ago before making their decision.

I'm not a vegetarian; in fact, I love a good, juicy steak, but right now, vegetarianism is looking pretty good.

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