Friday, December 29, 2006

Who? Me? Aw Shucks, You Shouldn't Have!

I just had to weigh in on the whole "Time Person of the Year" thing. I admit, it's quite lame, and I realized immediately it was a marketing gimmick, but this article points out that we do ourselves no favours with all the flattery, pretending we now own the media (yeah, right!) and he's right. All the high-fiving and backslapping doesn't change that most of the media is controlled by the same few companies run by the same tiny sub-percentage of the world's extremely wealthy telling most of the world's citizens what to think, what to eat, who to wear, how to vote, and how to spend their money and time, all designed to keep the world continue to fill their over-flowing bank accounts (a bit pessimistic perhaps, but please, don't tell me you don't actually believe this is the case).
That said, I think digital media is a great TOOL for the equalization of more varied and diverse voices; let's just use it properly, shall we? Until this proliferation of real information results in something beneficial and ground-breaking (peace? end of famine? end of poverty? or at least a decrease?) we're still all-talk, we just talk in digital instead of analog. Let's take it further.

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