Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Montreal Ads

My Ottawa life since getting back on Sunday has consisted of ITIL training for the last two days. I have my foundations certification exam tomorrow morning and have just finished studying (quick, what are the main activities of capacity management?) wish me luck...
Back to 8 million photo weekend, here are a couple of pics I took of different advertisements in Montreal.
Despite the fact that I get my Internet and cable from Rogers and cell phone from Fido (which is really just part of Rogers too) I LOVE Bell's Frank and Gordon... they're just so... hilarious, and lovable, and completely the kind of ad campaign I fall for. Of course, I do view ads more as another media art form than as a marketing technique, and I rate the success of an ad more on its creativity than whether it produces higher sales... all this to say, I'm not a big consumer, but I enjoy commercials, and Frank and Gordon commercials are my favourite. Interestingly, it turns out that in Quebec, Frank and Gordon are Jules and Bertrand... I'm not sure who's who (my best guess is Frank is Jules and Gordon is Bertrand) but anyway, I'm happy whenever I see a billboard, just as I was with this one.

The other ad I saw (well, I saw A LOT of ads, the other ad I took a picture of) is for some sort of Botox-like treatment called Restylane. I think it's basically non-invasive cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles, etc... what's funny about this is you would never, ever see an ad like that in Ottawa on a bus-shelter. I kind of prefer it that way, but then, I guess that's part of what makes Montreal a "bigger" city. Does anyone remember the TV ads a few years back for some pharmacy about wanting to grow old? They had a bunch of different women saying thinks like "I want laugh lines", "I want wrinkles". It was refreshingly different. I wouldn't mind more of that and less of the 'pump your face full of collagen so you can look like Cher'...

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