Sunday, December 03, 2006

Technical difficulties, politics, and more pics...

So I was having trouble with my links yesterday, but after reading some blogger help documentation, I should now be able to post pics and make links again... Kudos to Blogger for keeping the status page up to date. Now on to business:
I was following the Liberal leadership convention fairly closely, cynically figuring that the worst possible thing would happen and Ignatieff would win (Hello? Ppl, you're going to vote for a man who has justified the use of torture???), but still unable to tear my eyes away from the whole thing, the way you can't look away from a car crash. Then, something amazing happened: the Liberals elected a man who cares about the environment and sustainable development, who's a clear alternative to the Conservatives, who says what he believes is right even if it's not the most popular, and who managed not to attack other candidates during his campaign, as their new leader: Stephane Dion. If he sticks to the things he said during the campaign, I can easily and with a clear conscience vote for the Liberals in the next election. Major, major relief :D

And because I found this blog entry, that combined two of my favourite topics (hockey and politics) I thought I'd point you all there ;) Enjoy, my fellow Canadians (and Canadiens fans).

Lastly, weather was nicer over the last two days in that the freezing rain disappeared and the snow gave a different look to everything ... As I was driving up Greenbank Rd. in toward the city (around this spot)
yesterday morning, I saw a gentleman pulled over, taking some pics of the cornfields dusted over with snow and ice in the sun... his camera looked fairly expensive too... that's gotta be some picture. Mine will probably be significantly less breathtaking.

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